by Dana Belletete on September 7, 2011


I get this question everyday and the answer is always the same.

Only a Certified Mold Professional using EPA and FDA approved Fungicides in multiple chemical steps combined with proper removal techniques can actually permanently remove your mold.

There is no scientific proof nor any real world experience that methods involving dry ice blasting,  encapsulants, bleach, or any of the new over the counter store bought mildew/mold removers will do anything to get rid of your mold for any length of time.  At best they are a cheap, short term band-aid approach products with no lasting killing power.  At worse they can accelerate the mold growth, promote toxic species growth, and make proper mold removal much more expensive.

For instance, if the mold has been covered with an encapsulant or latex paint like products, your now in for a huge expense.  Encapsulating the existing mold growth on your attic materials will cause complete decay of your materials in a much shorter time frame than if you just let it grow the way it was.

Total removal and replacement of the affected materials may now be the only solution.  This means an affected attic and roof area that could have been chemically cleaned in a couple of days for a little more than what you paid to have it all encapsulated, will now require complete replacement.

YES, that means taking off your entire roof including all of the sheathing and support members and most likely all of the side wall materials, paying to dispose of them, and building a completely new roof and sidewall structure on your home. Exposing your property to potential flooding and extensive devastating water damage while your roof is off and being replaced.  How convenient is that?

Want more proof the cheap methods don’t work?  Buy whatever the latest product of the day is that claims it removes and/or better yet claims it kills mold.  Spray it on your shower/tub mold and watch what happens.  I guarantee that within 2 weeks you’ll have black mold in your shower/tub again. Probably more than you had previously. Most of these products actually promote mold growth so you’ll keep buying and using them.   If the product killed the mold, it wouldn’t come back!  YES, bleach based products will turn your black mold clear and if you keep using them you’ll think you have no more mold, however the mold is till there, it’s just not black!  Stop using bleach for a week or two and see what happens!  Bleach doesn’t kill mold ant any strength, it just hides it and you still get sick from the clear mold spores!

Want to see how encapsulants work?  Encapsulants seal the mold air tight and some how this will kill it off and prevent further growth.  To prove how well this theory works, take a piece of bread moldy or not, seal it air tight in a baggie with a few drops of water.  Let it sit for a week or two and see how much mold grows and how fast the bread decays.  Same thing happens with your encapsulated wood.  Since the encapsulant seals the mold and the moisture against your wood, it accelerates the decay.  OOPS!

Dry Ice methods theoretically freeze and kill your mold.  The current method is to blast your entire attic mold areas with Liquid CO2 gas and this will kill the mold. What a hoot, although this looks real neat its all show and no go.  There is no way anyone spraying liquid CO2 on hot attic materials is going to approach the actual low temperatures required to possibly kill mold spores.  The gas vaporizes and heats up instantly upon impact, and getting a long even coating is impossible with a liquified gas.  Maybe if you filled your attic with liquid nitrogen for a couple of days and it didn’t shatter, you might do some damage to the spores.

If freezing temperatures actually killed mold spores, why does mold come back every spring after being frozen all winter?  Why are their mold spores in Antarctica?  Some molds grow fine at below freezing temperatures and exposure to freezing temperatures does nothing to kill most mold spores.  This is common sense!

Every time I get called in to test an attic that’s been blasted with dry ice, the black mold is still visible and the lab results show active mold growth.  What a waste of money that process was!

You get what you pay for in mold removal, the cheap person always pays more in the end.  Do things right once and you’ll save your money as well as your health.

If your mold professional doesn’t guarantee no regrowth, your using the wrong company!


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